Amayuru Budu Bana E-Form

Details of the contributions to the
“Amayuru Budhu Bana” preaching program

According to your wish, three Theros could be mentioned and one of them will be decided based on His convenience. If there is to be any difficulty, we will suggest a Thero.

An amount of Rs.5000 will be offered as “pirikara” for transport facilities, and “ata pirikara” and also some other valuable “pirikara” worth Rs.5000, from the amount paid by you.

It is mandatory to attach or send a copy of the “punyanumodhana” letter. It is essential to provide an active phone number for the convenience of contacting, and also a WhatsApp number along with an email address.

The subscription amount for the “Amayuru Budhu Bana” preaching program is $100 and if you are to use another currency, an amount equal to $100 must be deposited.

Haritha Network

181,Sir James Peiris Mawatha, Colombo 2,
Sri Lanka.


(+94) 0117 16 16 16 (+94) 0703 96 9696


Registed No: GA 00230947

(Affiliated to the Sri Jinarathana Adhyapana Ayathana Palaka Sabawa) (Governing Board) of the Gangaramaya Temple Colombo 2, Sri Lanka)

Amayuru Budu Bana E-Form
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